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I spend a tonne of time working/studying on my own stuff. Working on a webapp/database server for the hell of it. I like break stuff, rebuild it and repeat. I keep every interesting things can do on my home server and try it; even if i’ll never going to use it personally. If anything ever breaks or doesn’t make sense, don’t drop it until u truly understand what is going on. Avoid adopting any cargo-cult mentality at whatever cost. If doing this type of stuff sounds like an extreme bore, reconsider your aspirations. #TryHarder

Pentester | Ethical Hacker | Red Team

Cyber Security Enthusiast, SecDevOps Advocate, Arch SysAdmin since 90’s, Automatizations, Networks, Virtualizations and much more… I’m thirsty for knowledge, high planning capacity and organization, loyalty and professional commitment, extreme ease in learning, highly collaborative in team. Learning forever.